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Planning an Exclusive Vacation to Dubai?

Get Access to an exclusive list of 97 Tours in Dubai with Bookable Links and Free Access to a list of 229 Hotels in Dubai categorized 

into 09 different types for just Rs 249.

Our Experience since 2007 has helped curate this file which helps YOU to have an VIP Experience in Dubai rather than the usual Tours done by the General Traveler.

Set the Trend with your Followers by being unique on your Trip to Dubai

97 Tours in Dubai

Categorized under 15 topics as below with budget and bookable links

  • Theme Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Little Ones
  • Desert Safari
  • Unique Tours
  • Adventure Tours
  • Observe View Points
  • Luxury Tours
  • Season Tours
  • History Tour
  • Sail the Sea
  • Fly High
  • Explore Cities
  • Nature Tour
  • Wildlife Tours

Do you Feel you Can Search Online and WHY buy our Product? Wrong


Searching for all Tours in Dubai will 1st take away your time and Websites confuse you with their Suggestion


We have streamlined the Best Value for Money for each Tour with the best Supplier in Dubai

Time Consuming

Takes a lot of time to search, fix a tour and understand the Budget

Hotel Selection

Its not easy to Pick your Hotel of Stay unless you know which Hotel is where and how they are categorized

You will eventually search for some Travel Agent to plan your Trip and he will give you the normal Tours organized in General for the Public and you loose out on your exclusive Travel experience to Dubai for just having to pay Rs 3000 to 5000 more. 


to Hotel Sheet containing 229 Hotels with names and location further sub categorized into 12 types as mentioned above 

Granting Free Access to a list of 229 Hotels in Dubai sub categorized into 12 segments with Hotel Location worth Rs 499 with this Offer

Theme Park Hotels

No of Hotels listed


No of Hotels listed

Beach Properties

No of Hotels listed

Fashion Brand Hotels

No of Hotels listed

Hotels in Shopping Mall

No of Hotels listed

Tallest Hotels

No of Hotels listed

Desert Hotels

No of Hotels listed

Budget Hotel

No of Hotels listed

03 Star Hotels

No of Hotels listed

04 Star Hotels

No of Hotels listed

05 Star Hotels

No of Hotels listed

05 Star Luxury Hotels

No of Hotels listed


Why we Built this?

We have over the years of Service experienced our own clients missing out on unique tours with VIP treatment just for an additional 1000 bucks or so due to the lack of communication and non understanding of the Clients power of purchase. 

We were keen to create a solution so each individual can have the power to choose what they end up experiencing during their Vacation and we have started our Journey with a Fabulous Dubai.

Dubai a place where Luxury is not difficult to Find. Do you feel your ready for it?