Planning a Vacation to Dubai?

Get Access to our file having rates for 10 Different Tour Packages and each package having 21 different Hotels with rates for the entire package with different Hotels mentioned in the list to take a Decision for your Vacation plan to Dubai.

If you feel Why pay for this file when I can get rates online you are WRONG. Online will confuse you and you need to search a minimum 10 pages to understand one package offer let alone 10 and if you value your TIME and your EXPERIENCE during your Vacation then your Travel Plan to Dubai Starts HERE

10 Tour Packages in Dubai

21 Hotels to choose from in each Package

  • Dubai Basic
  • Dubai Basic +
  • Dubai IMG
  • Unique Tours
  • Theme Parks Vacation
  • Theme Parks + Vacation
  • Honeymoon 
  • Luxury Honeymoon
  • Split Stay
  • Split Stay with Armani

WHY buy our Access?


It Takes a hell lot of time to find the right package online and it is in no comparison to how easy it is to freeze on a Travel package from our File


All our Packages have been priced the least possible as we as a Company love to give an Luxury Experience to our Customers more than the Money we make

Travel Agent

Travel Agent will not be able to offer all and will be restricted to giving you the Basic Travel plan to Dubai with only 01 or 02 Hotel Options

Hotel Selection

Even if you freeze a Package Online you will be given 01 Hotel option where as we hold rates for 21 Hotel types for each of our 10 Pacakges

You will eventually search for some Travel Agent to plan your Trip and he will give you the normal Tours organized in General for the Public and you loose out on your exclusive Travel experience to Dubai for just having to pay Rs 3000 to 5000 more. 

21 Hotels list include the below options

03 Star
04 Star
05 Star    
05 Star Luxury
Shopping Mall
Tall Hotels


This is the BEST Deal you are going to get and the moment you close this and go for other work you will miss on this deal and travel like any other Common Indian Traveler.

We sincerely wish you will not have to Travel like that.

Why we Built this?

We have over the years of Service experienced our own clients missing out on unique tours with VIP treatment just for an additional 1000 bucks or so due to the lack of communication and non understanding of the Clients power of purchase. 

We were keen to create a solution so each individual can have the power to choose what they end up experiencing during their Vacation and we have started our Journey with the Fabulous Dubai.

Dubai a place where Luxury is not difficult to Find. Do you feel your ready for it?