The Kintamani Volcano Downhill Cycling Tour

?How adventurous can your love for travel make you? How about a trip up to the peak of an active Kintamani volcano, to and fro? Kintamani is a visit to the top point at the highest crater in the Kintamani Volcano Tour. One of the renowned tourist sites in Bali, Kintamani?Batur Volcano offers breath-taking views of the active volcano of Mount Batur, and the mesmerising Lake perched aside. Kintamani Batur Volcano is located 1000 metres above sea level, and is the most favourite of destinations among tourists in Bali. Mount Batur stands majestic with the beautiful Lake, shimmering in the golden sun.

The captivating nature of the ancient and quaint villages of Penelokan,?Trunyan, Buahan,?Batur,?Kedisan,?Abang, Sukawana and Kintamani, that encircle Lake Batur, together symbolise timeless beauty. Moreover, the lands are fertile and ideally for local people plant the?vegetables and tropical fruits. The local people from these villages own their own unique cultures, with an adaptive life style, with the after effects of the eruptions from Mount Batur, which has lashed out its wrath over 24 times since 1800.

Features of the Kintamani Volcano Downhill Cycling Tour:

Kintamani Cycling Tour is Bali sightseeing by enjoying a bike ride downhill through evergreen and scenic terraced cultivation of rice that you will breathe in fresh air. Also, a visit to a traditional Balinese house in a remote village in the Kintamani area will give you the opportunity to relish the local refreshments of the Balinese, of fresh tender coconut. The children, gleefully wave you on, as you finish with a peep in to the artisan’s colony of Ubud. And cycling is the best way you can get closer to Nature.

Sightseeing Attractions in Kintamani:

Batur Lake: The Lake formed within a crater, it offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and greenery with the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. There is a cozy restaurant, beside the lake, where you can try out traditional and sumptuous Balinese delicacies.

Tampak Siring: Also called Tirtha Empul Temple, this is a Holy Spring Temple, perfect for the spiritually oriented, to seek to purification of body and soul using Holly Spring Water. A lot of notorious monkeys will greet you, all the way.

Coffee Plantations: this tour will encourage you to visit coffee plantation to discover the variety of coffee produced in this island. You will also have the opportunity to test several coffees in this plantation garden with?pure natures and fresh atmosphere.

Ubud Art Villages: They are perfect for shopaholics to buy gold and silver works and to have first-hand experience of hand woven cloth and batik processing.


Tourist Sites in and around Kintamani:

Ulun Daru Batur Temple: It is a sacred Hindu Temple built on a cliff in tranquil ambience in honour of Lake Goddess, Dewi Danu. The 11-storie meru shrine here is dedicated for Shiva and his consort Parvati.

?Dusun Kuning Waterfall: At a height of 20 metres, it is a very natural waterfall and only known to locals, as it is hidden.

Pengalipuran Village: A traditional village, it is well preserved with age old houses built from clay or bamboo. It is one of the things to do in Bali, and you will also observe the village temple, the punctual and well organised accumulation of villagers at a meeting with the sound of the village bell.

Best Time to Visit:

May-August, the climate is pleasant and the place is typically less crowded. The rainy months of September to March are best avoided, as the mountainous region of Kintamani receives heavy showers.

?How to reach:

Nearest Airport: Nguruh Rai Airport in Denpasar, Bali.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? Roadways: Regular buses or Bemo i.e. the unique open-air mini buses in Bali ply from the Airport up to the large volcanic crater at Kintamani. Private taxis serve as a quicker alternative.