Overview on the Top 4 Tourist Places Of Malaysia

Overview on the Top 4 Tourist Places Of Malaysia

The Southeast Asian country of Malaysia is known to be one of the most prominent tourist destinations of the region.? This cosmopolitan country is popular for its diverse range of customs, cuisines and religions that coexist in perfect harmony.? In the Malaysian culture, one can find an intriguing mix of Malayan, Chinese, European, as well as Indian influences.? The capital city of this country, Kuala Lumpur features elegant colonial buildings, vibrant shopping districts and modern skyscrapers. Malaysia also features an opulence of natural beauties, which comprises of gorgeous islands, sunny beaches, lush green hills and enthralling forests.

Here are some of the best tourist places in Malaysia that one must definitely visit:

  • Perhentian Islands: Located close to the Thai border, these islands lie just off the coast of northeastern Malaysia. These islands offer plenty of exciting diving opportunities to adventure seekers and are also known for their mesmerizing palm-fringed white-sand beaches.
  • Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre: ?Founded in the year of 1964, this centre was established to foster and rehabilitate rescued orphaned baby orangutans. These orphaned orangutans are typically recused from illegal hunting and logging sites and subsequently trained at this rehabilitation centre to survive in the wild. As soon as they are ready, these orangutans are released into their natural habitat.
  • Taman Negara: Popular for being one of the oldest tropical rainforests across the globe, this site is commonly visited by the people having an inclination towards ecotourism or adventure tourism. The Taman Negara essentially encompasses three states across West Malaysia, and tourists can expect to see diverse forms of exotic flora, fauna and rare wildlife species here.? Animals like Asian elephant, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Malayan Tiger, as well as a host of exotic birds, can be spotted here. One can also experience the Canopy Walk here, which basically is a suspension bridge upon which people can take a walk to catch a glimpse of several magnificent bird species.
  • Penang: A key attraction of the country, this colonial city was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. This city is known for its rich heritage and colonial architecture, as well as its vibrant multicultural society. Penang houses a number of intriguing forests, museums and historic homes.


To visit the above-mentioned tourist places of Malaysia and many more, one can easily book a tour package to this country from any renowned travel and tourism agency.