Most Popular Cultural Destinations in Bali

Most Popular Cultural Destinations in Bali


This article highlights the popularity of Bali as a tourist spot, providing a special emphasis on its cultural destinations. It also talks about how it is a perfect vacation spot for any kind of a?traveller.

Boasting of exotic beaches and vibrant tropical culture, Bali is one of the top-most tourist destinations of the world. This?Indonesian?island is famous for its majestic beaches and highly advanced fine arts, which includes sculpting, painting, metalworking, music and dancing.

Bali is a perfect vacation spot for every kind of?traveller. Here you can relax and soak up the warmth of the sun while lying on the fine?white sand, or you can dive along?mesmerizing coral ridges and greet exotic tropical creatures.

While most popular for its tropical environment, Bali also houses a number of culturally significant monuments.?Few of the?most popular cultural?destinations in Bali are:

  • Gunung?Kawi: This is an intriguing 11th century funerary and temple complex that?is?spread across the side of the?Pakerisan River. It is one of the largest and oldest monuments present in Bali.??Gunung?Kawi comprises of ten rock-cut shrines or?candi?and is nominated for?the much coveted?Unesco Heritage status.?It is believed that the funeral monuments built here?were?dedicated to the?Udayana dynasty King,?Anak?Wungsu and his favourite queens. This grand monument complex consists of several statues, temples, streams and fountains which radiate?a majestic charm.
  • Goa Gajah:? Also known as the Elephant cave, this?11th-century monument comprises of both Hindu and Buddhist imagery. The cave houses lingam and yoni, which are symbols of Lord Shiva and also?a statue of Lord?Ganesha. On the other hand, you can also find carved images?related to Buddhism, such as?chattra?and stupas here. This enchanting monument was?rediscovered by Dutch?archaeologists?in the year 1923, however, the fountains and the pools present here were not found till?1954.
  • Neka Art?Museum: One of the most prominent tourist spots of Bali, this art museum and gallery was the establishment by a famous Balinese?wood carver,?Wayan?Suteja?Neka. This museum was built in the year 1976 and was inaugurated in 1982. Inside this museum, you can find an extensive collection of sculptures and paintings displayed in a Balinese-styled garden. This museum is famous for housing a number of traditional Balinese?keris daggers, which were one of the personal favourites of the founder.
  • Puri?Agung?Karangasem:?This is a collection of a number of royal palaces, belonging to the?Karangasem kingdom. These palaces are located within a 100-meter radius of?Amlapura. The structures present in these palaces, such as the?Maskerdam palatial building and?Bale?Pemandesan pavilion exhibits a fine example of the grand cultural heritage of Bali.
  • Sacred Monkey Forest?Sanctuary:?Locally known as?Mandala?Suci?Wenara Wan, the?Ubud Monkey?Forest, is a major nature reserve and a Hindu temple located in Bali. This establishment is built keeping in mind the Hindu philosophy of?Tri?Hata Karana, which basically entails the three ways to reach physical and spiritual well-being.?This establishment provides a peaceful and harmonious environment for visitors across the world. The?Sacred Monkey Forest?Sanctuary houses more than 100 species of trees and over 600?crab-eating macaques. These monkeys are locally known?as the Balinese long-tailed monkey.

In order to visit any of the?above mentioned popular?points of interest in?Bali, you can easily hire the services of a reputed travel and tourism agency of the country. They would ensure that you have a comfortable and fruitful stay at Bali, and?can?enjoy the experience of all its cultural spots to the fullest.

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