Here?s more on the?5 Prominent Tourist Sites of Dubai?

Here?s more on the?5 Prominent Tourist Sites of Dubai?

Here?s more on the?5 Prominent Tourist Sites of Dubai

Summary: Boasting of a skyscraper filled skyline and?an enthralling Arabian culture, the city of Dubai has emerged as one of the?of the?most?prominent tourist destinations across the globe. This article majorly highlights some of the?best places to visit in Dubai, including the?largest artificial archipelago ever made, as well as?the tallest building of the world.


Over the years Dubai has emerged as one of the?prominent tourist destinations across the globe as the city has some of the most awe-inspiring man-made wonders.?While being a major?leisure and entertainment center of the world, this cosmopolitan city has also managed to retain its rich culture and heritage. Drawing many thousands of tourists every year, there is no shortage of attractions and landmarks in Dubai. From the?largest artificial archipelago ever made to the tallest building of the world,?Dubai has some really exciting locations to explore.

Here are some of the?best places to visit in Dubai:

  • Burj?Khalifa: Being the tallest building in the world, this architectural wonder needs no introduction. Standing right at the heart of Dubai,?this?829.8 meters long building can be spotted from almost any part of the city. The observatory present on the?124th and 125th floors of this magnificent structure?covers some of the most striking and glorious views of Dubai. Its?floor-to-ceiling glass walls offer the tourists with spectacular panoramic views of the city, as well as the desert and ocean from the height of?452 meters.

Back at the ground of?Burj?Khalifa, tourists can get a glimpse of the much famed?Dubai Fountain. This fountain is modeled after the?Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, and is essentially the?tallest performing fountain in the world.

  • Palm?Jumeirah:?A?man-made archipelago,?Palm?Jumeirah has been?essentially?built out of land reclaimed from the sea and is known to be one of the most posh?locales in Dubai. This island offers the tourists with numerous activities to indulge in. It houses a host of luxury beach resorts, high-end shopping centers and leisure units.

  • Dubai Museum: This museum is housed inside a remarkable?desert fort known as the?Al?Fahidi Fort, which is the oldest existing building in Dubai. This museum provides the tourists with a glimpse of its ancient culture and displays an extensive host of artifacts, including handcrafted weapons and ancient instruments. The underground section of this museum is incorporated with cutting-edge technologies that assist in showcasing the rich history of this Emirate.

  • Meena Bazaar: This Arab styled market has been one of the iconic parts of the city for over five decades.?Meena Bazar is located in?Bur Dubai, and is a home to the stores that sell diverse range of items, right from gadgets, dry fruits, perfumes to footwear, clothing and jewellery. Tourists?are greeted with shops decorated in vibrant lights here, and they also get the chance to try out the traditional cuisine of Dubai from the eateries present here.

  • The Dubai Mall:??Known to be the?largest shopping mall in the world, this establishment houses more than a thousand shops. It is especially famous for housing a magnificent underwater zoo and aquarium, which features numerous species of marine animals, including sharks.

These were few of the?best places to visit in Dubai.? In order to visit them, as well as many other tourist sites there you can easily book a tour package from a renowned travel agency.