Diving Tour at Menjangan Island with Lunch

Located north west of Bali, Menjangan Island is a small paradise and one of the most sought-after diving destinations in the world, thanks to its tranquil setting in the backdrop of amazing scenery, with an ever colourful underwater world teeming with life of marine species. The speciality of Menjangan Island is that, unlike other diving spots in Bali, the water here, is predictable. So, amateur and professional divers can experience wall diving and snorkelling that are prime things to do in Bali.

Menjangan walls are covered all the way with beautiful coral reefs, large sponges and gorgonian fans. There are many crevices, overhangs, nooks and crannies on the walls that provides safe haven to a wide variety of small and big tropical fish. However, Menjangan is protected from cold currents that it does not offer regular sighting of big pelagic species, but it is a wonderful place for enjoying beautiful sponges and the largest diversity of gorgonians in Bali.

Features of Diving Tour at Menjangan Island:

Menjangan Island is the most idyllic wall diving tour in Bali, wherein a beautiful underwater sea garden is home to biota, like Anemone, Gorgonian table, Coral reef, Eel, Lion fish, and even Murray. At times, the turtle, dolphin and white shark can be spotted too.

There are plenty of dive points to explore aquatic life, like, on a wooden shipwreck, and sandy beaches to relax over lunch. And, ?Secret Bay? is best for muck diving, so as to view the Frog fish, Seahorse and Nudibranch heaven. From seashore, anyone can swim up till the underwater sea garden.

Sightseeing Attractions in Menjangan Island:

  • Garden Eel Point:? It is one of the most popular Bali sightseeing destinations in the world. Beautiful coral reefs can be sighted as you travel along the wall, which is perfect for spotting turtles, garden eels, black-tip reef sharks and different species of tropical fish can be spotted along the white sand slope.
  • Anker Wreck: The wreck of a wooden boat is strewn about at the bottom of this diving site, up on which corals and sponges have grown. And, the currents are so calm that one can see up to the white sandy seabed. So, there exist sand-dwelling creatures, as well as nudibranchs, frog fish, and gorgonians at this tranquil site.
  • Pos II: A 40 meter deep wall, it is a great place for a nice drift dive in Bali to see pelagic fishes, great barracudas, reef sharks and even Manta rays. On the west side of this wall, are small caves that are idyllic for underwater photography.
  • Gilimanuk: Also called Secret Bay, it lies just outside the mouth of the bay, which acts as a massive catch tank for many larval fish because of which they are extremely healthy. So, it is an appealing dive site in Bali.

Other Tourist Sites in and around Menjangan:

  • Bat Cave: Named after caves above water that are filled with rare species of bats, it is a protected island, accessible only by boat.
  • Temple Wall: With the best landscape, the Temple Point starts at the feet of a huge Ganesh statue atop a cliff.
  • Pos I: With vast flat areas/ slopes/ drop offs, there are spectacular corals with interesting crevices, fissures and small caves along the reef.

Best Time to Visit:

April to November is when conditions are favourable and visibility is best in Bali. And, water is generally warm throughout the year.

How to Reach:

Nearest Airport: Denpasar that has an International airport.???????????????????????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Roadway: 120 kilometres away from Denpasar.