07 Areas of interest in Bali

07 Areas of interest in Bali

07 Areas of interest in Bali

Are you planning to visit Bali to explore its distinctive culture and?enthralling places? If yes,?then?read?this?article?as it?provides an insight?into?7?beautiful and?must-visit places in Bali.

An Indonesian Island, Bali is a popular destination among tourists which primarily comprises of a valley, mountain, lake, white sand, and blue seawater. Bali is also called as the Island of God?owing?to its magnificent?beauty.

Well, what makes the island enchantingly beautiful is?the?number of?points of interest in?Bali?for tourists,?which are alluring and a must visit.?Have a look at the following?7 points of interest in Bali that you must pay a visit?to?when in Bali.


Ubud is a town in?the uplands of?Bali.?Also?known as a?centre for traditional?and cultural?dance and craft, Ubud is among?the?most famous tourist spots in Bali.?The points of interest in Ubud are a number of art?museums including?Blanco Renaissance Museum,?Neka Art Museum, and the Puri Lukisan Museum.?Also,?the tourists can?have fun?watching?the traditional dance of Bali, Tek Tok, and can also explore Ubud Monkey Forest.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot?in the Balinese language?means?Land?[in the]?Sea.?Another famous place in Bali, Tanah Lot is an ancient?Hindu?pilgrimage temple.?One of the 7 sea temples along the Balinese coast, Tanah Lot is?situated on a large?rock and the main deity of the temple is Bhatara Segara or Dewa Baruna.

Pura Besakih

The largest Hindu temple in Bali, Pura Besakih, is built on the highest mountain in Bali, Gunung Agung. Pura Besakih is?one of the most important of?the nine directional temples which are built on 7 ascending terraces. It is said that they are built to protect Bali from evil.


A small town in Bali, Seminyak is a?mixed tourist and residential area in Bali.?The town hosts a number of?modern?attractions such as boutiques, five-star restaurants, and luxury hotels and spas. The visitors can?also enjoy the scenic view from the Seminyak beach. Also, the secluded ambience of the beach makes it?is the?most famous tourist?attraction.


Lovina is known black volcanic sand. Beach is famous for scuba diving, dolphin watching, boat trip, and snorkelling, and along the beach, there are various small villages as well. The area is perfect for?a?family vacation.

Kuta Beach

Also known as sunset beach, Kuta Beach is?known for its active nightlife.?Tourists must visit Kuta?Beach?to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the sunset.?Many luxury restaurants, clubs, and resorts are also located near the beach for?tourists to enjoy and have some relaxing time.?Kuta Beach is also known as?a great place for surfing.

Mount Batur

An active volcano, Mount Batur includes a lake, several villages,?and?four craters. One of the?most?famous activities here is climbing the top of?Mount Batur to witness sunrise;?it takes maximum 2 hours to climb to the top.?One of the Bali?s nine temples,?Pura Ulun Danu Batur?is also a famous?tourist spot of Mount Batur.

From?rugged coastlines to?magnificent mountains, the island is so beautiful?and mesmerizing?that if you visit there once, you?would surely?want to visit?there?again or?probably?want to?stay there forever!

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