04 best?places to visit in Dubai

04 best?places to visit in Dubai

When we think of holidays in the United Arab Emirates, the place which first strikes our minds is Glitzy Dubai. This is one of the most loved holiday spots?for?many?in?the world over, the reason being the amazing places which are there in this city. The?mesmerizing?skyscrapers, as well as the modern shopping malls of this city, is something which makes each one of us go crazy about this city.

So, next time you plan a holiday in Dubai, here is a list of top?4?places to visit in Dubai:


Burj Khalifa - Landmark Building of Dubai



Burj?Khalifa is known as the landmark building of Dubai. With a height of 829.8 meters, this has become the most renowned point of interest of this city. The observation deck on the 124th floor of this building gives a mesmerizing?view. The?high-speed elevators?which take you to the?tops floor of the building give a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the city which covers the desert as well as the ocean.







Dubai Mall


This mall is one of the best malls you would?ever witness, and this also serves as the entry point to?Burj?Khalifa as well as the Dubai Aquarium.?The mall has various entertainment options which include?ice-skating rink, gaming zone and cinema complex. Live music and fashion shows are also the highlights of this?place.




Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum


Inside the Al-Fahidi Fort?is situated Dubai?s museum and it was built long back in 1787 with an aim to defend Dubai Creek.?Traditional coral blocks are used to construct the walls of this fort. The?top floor is built using palm, mud,?and?plaster makes it look interesting.?Also,?as soon as you enter the?museum you can witness the huge?exhibition?showcasing?the old maps of the Emirates and Dubai.



Bastakia (Old Dubai)

Bastakia - The Heaven on Earth


Bastakia was built long back in the 19th century and was?inhabited by well-to-do merchants from?the region of?Persia. These merchants were involved in trading pearls as well as textiles, and the tax-free trading was something which attracted them to come and do?the?business here in Dubai. The buildings here are made up of coral as well as limestone and are all excellently preserved.

So, next time you plan your visit, make sure that you make a list of such places and utilize the time effectively to explore as many as places as you can.

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